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She Visits Them And Is Heartened To See That

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Amma ( January ) is an episode of the Indian soap opera, Amma. Directed by Shashank Khaitan, the episode aired on Star Plus. The episode features the return of the character of Sreenivasan (Suresh Gopi), who had left the show in . The episode also features the coronavirus pandemic in India, and the death of a character, played by Rajesh Khanna.

The coronavirus pandemic in India is the main focus of the episode.

The character of Sreenivasan returns to the show, and he and Amma rekindle their relationship. Sreenivasan is in a bad shape, and he is hospitalised.

Amma visits him, and they share a tear-jerking conversation.

Sreenivasan dies in the hospital, and Amma is left heartbroken. The episode also features the coronavirus pandemic in India.

The hospital where Sreenivasan is hospitalised is closed down, due to the pandemic.

Amma is worried about her friends and family, who are in the hospital. She visits them, and is heartened to see that they are all doing well.

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